Black Powder Cartridge Reload Target Recorder



..........This is a product we need. I like many others, used a hardbacked book with plain line pages. This will work out great for working up new loads, as we forget to log many of the small items that go into a new load. I also like your web site. it looks good with the old time photo's....
Thank you , Allen Fearn, Willcox AZ.

...A handy target and load data notebook that I'm sure will help black powder shooters from all disciplines.....With all the variables that acompany black powder load development, it only makes good sense to have accurate testing records. With this new record book...entering this data is easy.
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Three Cheers for author Al Whelan!! This book gives me the opportunity to record my data at the range, return home, and have high recollection of just what went on. The target image data is wonderful. This book allows anyone to record nearly anything they can think of... the book really fills the bill... Patrick M. Walker, Minden, Nv.

I'm using my recorder not only for long range shooting, but also for cowboy action...Keeps everything in one place verses odd pages and notes all over the place...Easy to reference when I am reloading/shooting and brings back to mind the good, bad, and details that are often forgoten...Like the large format and the layout with headings and details that also serve as reminders worth noting while reloading and shooting...Great for my modern pistol and rifle reloading/shooting too!...Great all around shooting record keeping notebook!....My memory is no longer a "steel trap", with the recorder it doesn't have to be as it's all right there!...Fred "the Lizard" Koster, Parachute, Co.


 I received my 58 cal Remington Zouave 505 grain dies, they are beautiful.

 Thank you for your great customer service. You can be sure I will recommend your Web-Site to my Black Powder Shooting Friends.


 W. Marcus Day

Standish, Maine


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