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These are the workpages of your book. The left page, the Record Load page, is the page you will have open at the reloading bench . If you cast or swage your own, if you buy commercially, if you paper patch. All the information about your bullet will be recorded. Your powder charge as well as your case information and the final product will be at hand for future reference. A target is included for you to record the cartridge's last performance. You can at a glance see any improvement with any changes you may have made.

The Record Target page. This is the page you will have open at the target range testing the load on the Record Load page. All the information you may need is able to be recorded on this page. Location, weather, wind, time of day. The type of target used, the distance, your sight settings. Even what firearm and it's rate of twist is included on this workbook page. And of course, the much needed target so you can record the results of that days shooting of your cartridge work up. The table of contents is arranged so each of the 50 load/ target sessions can be recorded separately by page number, date and any comment you need to make for reference.

The works contained herin are a dedication to the buffalo hunters of yesteryear. Lest we not judge their acts, for in their day they were men and women of great courage, and to many they were heros.

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