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Custom Leather Products

Checkbook covers/Wallets


All cases can be had tooled or plain in black or brown fully lined. will fit 2" wide belt unless noted.

    Smart Phone case , style 1

your logo (North Fork shown) $55.00

    Smart Phone case, style 2

jeweled or plain $59.00

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        AT&T flip phone Samsung similar medium sized phone, Large size..............Small size shown....... specify.$55.00

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or this cell phone case

Small flip phone, jeweled or plain.

Belt clip to 1 1/2"... $49.00

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All holsters are made to order unlined open toe. Plain or tooled with carving optional. Right or left hand.

If you don't see it here, no problem, we'll make what you need. Just for you!

Holsters can be lined depending on the chosen design. The only lining I will  use is Veg tanned calfskin. It maybe left natural or dyed. Sometimes when a real gun is used to mold the holster it will react with the lining and leave dark streaks where the gun comes in contact. This gives the new holster a used look. Since I want your new holster to look new when you get it, I may choose to dye the lining.

The "DW6" western loop holster. Designed for the larger framed modern revolver up to 6 inches. Can be ordered for longer barreled guns

$85.00 as shown

add $25.00 for reenforced panel

Black or brown, silver or gold hardware

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"Auto one" is a open top western loop holster that can be worn as shown outside the waist or as a paddle holster with the panel inside the waist
Can be ordered with a retention strap or thumb break. Calf skin reenforced. Black or brown. $85.00 as shown. please specify make and model of gun. Buy this holster will fit S&W 457

We call this holster the "Melvin" In honor of a friend's dad who liked to turtle hunt. This belt holster can accommodate a 8 inch barreled large framed single action or double action revolver. Double reenforced for a heavy secured fit.

Black or brown basket stamped with what ever design you like. this is our premium holster.

As shown... $149.00


Taurus model 617 .357 magnum shown
with or without strap

"The Taryall" A nice handsome belt clip holster for outdoor'sman who wants to carry light. Black or brown, tooled or plain , as shown $85.00

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The High Rider will fit most single action .22cal revolvers. Shown is a Ruger New Model Single Six. As shown $85.00

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The"Black" is a multi use holster.
Wear it low ride, high ride, cant forward, cant to the rear or even crossdraw. Thumb break or strap. tooled or plain. The "Black" will fit a large framed revolver up to 8 inch barrel. Black only.. as shown



Pancake holster. Small "J" frame revolvers with thunb break. tooled or plain. Black or brown.

$85.00 as shown


Slim Jim holster for black powder guns
Tooled or plain, black or brown. Butt forward or regular





Check books and wallets

Standard sized check book. Plain or wildlife design or oak leaf.....$35.00

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Wallet's are vegetable tanned leather tooled or plain in black or brown...


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9"x11" 3 ring loose leaf. lined on inside.
Your business or logo tooled.......Front

    Oak leaf binding tooled.

Rear tooling if desired.

$150.00 as shown.



    Belt buckles are 21/2"x 31/2" small w/1" belt width. Your design or logo.........Large size 4"x3" w/11/2 belt width....Large eagle....$55.00

 Large North Fork double heart double bar brand $55.00...............small NF logo..$45.00


Cinch Ring Protectors

Protect your horses sides with these hand made protectors.

Made with quality leather and lined with premiun sheep shearling.

Sold in pairs.....$69.00

Available in Latigo, Black, Brown or Natural oiled


Hand Carved genuine leather seat cushions

      2 " foam filled

    Faux leather non skid bottom with ties

Seat Cushions sold individually, all the same or mixed pattern

$59.00 each.

Made in America!


Saddles and Tack

We can clean, restring, add or take away most anything on your saddle. Western or English. We can also do restoration on saddles and tack.

General cleaning, minor repairs*. Clean and restring $75.00.* All other repairs by quote*

* Parts as needed, plus hourly @$15.00

Some examples of the saddles we have worked on

"Cherry" brought us a big roper and wanted me to make it a "Ladies saddle". We cleaned it up, added fancy silver conchos, restringed it, put new rawhide stirrups on and added her initials to the latigo carrier.
She loved it! PRICE? $168.00*

Here's an old post 1880's Texas trail saddle we cleaned. Our client displays it in their business.

cost $25.00*

A beautiful 1950's Allison


* prices noted are not adjusted for inflation

A great old New Mexico unmarked trail saddle

     Herman H. Heiser of Denver

When we found this old Tom Flynn saddle at the Ritter ranch in LaVita, Colorado. The story went how a working cowboy at the ranch got busted up when his horse fell. He went away and this saddle stayed on a fence rail for 50 years. We got it for $60.00 as a wall hanger... but I had a different idea!
Using the old pieces as templates I bought new leather and completely restored it from the tree up. Now it resides in my lounge.


Restoration Project 2013

1940's style low cantle roper

Condition of saddle as found:


Saddle appeared very dirty, but intact with worn fleece, a rough texture on swells. Rest of saddle had a smooth outer texture. Missing stitches on cantle binding, and on half of rear jockey. Missing and broken strings on front. Strings on middle and rear are replacement in good condition. Rawhide wrapped wooden tree. Double full rigging. Upon tear down it was found the right front bar was cracked and showed signs of being tampered with, most likely when the original strings were replaced. An inadequate repair, it was determined that an adequate repair could be made using wood glue, Bondo, overlapped with Fiberglass resin. Owner approved repair. Rusted tin conchos, worn leather conchos. A few missing leather pieces.




Most notably it was found upon tear down and close inspection that this saddle started life as a rough out style meaning that the smooth or tanned side was actually turned upside down and the suede or flesh side of the leather was to be the finished side. This saddle has seen so much use in the sixty or so years of it's life that the seat portion and stirrup leathers, and rear jockey have accumulated so much dirt, moisture, sunlight, and pressure that their finishes are worn to a smooth finish. It was determine by myself to go with was revealed as I proceeded. As I cleaned and scrubbed the pieces I felt I should keep the smooth pieces as they are, clean, oil and re-dye to existing color. To my surprise as I cleaned the swells and skirts, they revealed themselves to maintain their original rough out condition. As I cannot change how things were originally made I had to go with how this saddle wanted to be restored. The final condition is now a hybrid with a contrasting color scheme, and a mixture of original rough out and smooth leathers. It is quite beautiful and striking in it's appearance.

It was also decided for appearance sake to install new strings all around.

1930's -40's H H Heiser
low cantle , scribed "Sante Maria Camp, Tony"

Very poor condition missing many parts. This saddle had not seen any oil or conditioner in 30 years.

It did however have a sound tree and the owner wanted to have it restored.


This saddle was missing both stirrup leathers, fenders, stirrups, off billet, latigo strap, leather conchas, strings...and it needed new fleese.

We started by removing the skirts and tearing off the old shearling. Then the long process of removing the existing stitches from the leather skirts. We hand stitch the new sheep shearling on so the old stitches must be removed to make way for the new.

After many hours of saddle soap scrubbing and re-hydrating the old leather the saddle started to take on a new life and developed a nice rich color.


The new skirts sewn up the saddle was assembled with the new parts.


Both of these saddle restores took on average 25 hours labor and near $200.00 each in parts.

 If you are interested in restoring a saddle figure somewhere in the $400.00 - $450.00 range. it may come in a little less or a little more depending on what parts are needed.

New sheep shearling will cost $225.00 -$275.00 depending on the size of the skirts. New strings will be an extra $60.00

If taken care of properly a saddle will last several life times. A new quality saddle will cost $1000.00 or more, usually double that. So if you have a saddle you love and it needs some attention. I would be happy to look at it and see what we can do.

Billy Cook Barrel saddle, split cowhide rough out made in 1984 Before picture as it came in

          After picture. could not do anthing with the blood stain on the swell..hunting pack trip.

Aussie stock saddle in pretty bad shape

Cleaned conditioned and restored.$85.00


Sometimes we get special requests

Someone wanted a small holster to fit into a big holster...here is what I came up with...






The small holster was fitted with a belt loop so it could be worn on the person. It was held in place inside the larger holster by a Velcro strip. Very secure retention was achieved.


Most holsters are made gun specific if possible.  I try to find a training pistol as pictured above and below that are exact copies of the required gun. The blue gun is a Glock 26/28
The red gun is a Glock 17/19. These holsters were made on request of a customer in the Auto one style with a retention strap, plain brown, right hand. They are partially lined on the inside
and backside with veg tanned calfskin. 




  • This pancake holster design can be made for most semi auto pistols or revolvers. It is fully lined with veg tanned calfskin. Thumb break retention.

This holster pictured  will fit a Smith & Wesson 457,  Sig Sauer P228 and similar mid sized Auto's ( not a 1911)