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  Why Shoot Black Powder Guns ?




Afford ability for one; to shoot a cartridge handgun of large caliber it costs fifty cents or more per shot! Also, to vary a powder charge in a cartridge gun you must reload them at the bench. A percussion revolver is much cheaper to shoot, about ten cents or less per shot, and you can test different loading charges right on the spot at the range.




Cartridge guns have built in up front costs because they need to be sent to and transferred by a Federally licensed firearms dealer, and you must pay additionally for a background check.


Percussion, flintlock, muzzle loaders, at least for now, you do not have to do any of those things, thus a new percussion pistol can be had for under $300.00. Try buying a new .44 cal. Cartridge gun for that!




They are fun to shoot! The fire, the smoke, the smell, they all bring back the sense of times gone by. By shooting any of the Colt reproductions or Remington models you are sharing the same experience of the famous men of our country’s history... Buffalo Bill carried an 1858 Remington, of it he said “ it never let me down.” Wild Bill Hickok carried a pair of Colt 1851 Navies, even after cartridge guns were commercially available. When you lean against a tree or a rock for a steady hold and pull the trigger, you can imagine yourself in the company of Civil war soldiers who fought a war with these guns, and should they missfire.... you can appreciate the predicament those men found themselves.


Some say loading is too much trouble, takes too long. Well it may take you a little longer to load a percussion revolver, until you get the hang of it. If you use the Powderhombre Deluxe loading stand and practice, following the directions, you can load a six shot revolver in under two minutes, about the same time it takes to eject spent cases and insert new cartridges in a Colt Single Action Army.

Also, pre-loaded paper cartridges can be made to speed things along. (see the video sectiion of this web site).


Cleaning the gun really is not much more entailed than a thorough cleaning of a cartridge revolver.


Buy one, Try one, you’ll see what I mean!




For more information on Black Powder Guns and Black Powder Cartridge Rifle go to: www.powderhombre.com




The last revolution was won with Lead, Black Powder and Muzzleloaders





The Next Revolution will be won by Patriots using Lead, Black Powder, and Muzzleloaders!