Black Powder Cartridge shooting accessories




Powder hombre, or powder fellow/man. That's me! Name is Al Whelan, I'm not afraid to use it, or tell you I live in Bailey, Co. You may have heard of this place. A school shooting last fall(2006) put us on the map. We miss Emily.

I'm an N.R. A. member, a hunter, a horseman, a truck driver, equipment operator, a Black Powder Cartridge Rifle shooter. When I'm not sitting in front of this computer attempting to put out a product of some use to some one, I'm doing a job I hear others say Americans won't do! I guess that ain't me. When we walk out the door or sit down here I, like I suspect you, are shootin for perfection, all day long.
I guess that leads me to tell about the Black Powder Cartridge Reload Target Recorder, and this web site.

Whenever I would target shoot or sight rifles in preparation for hunting, I would just scribble some notes on whatever piece of paper was handy. The notes would get lost or destroyed. When I received my first single shot rifle, and started reloading Black Powder, I found I'd better get serious about taking and keeping notes if I ever wanted an accurate bullet/load/rifle combination. I set out to develop a note keeping book designed around the Black Powder Cartridge, and the sport. Thus, the Black Powder Cartridge Reload Target Recorder was born. I believe it to be a straight forward workbook, yet detailed enough for those of you who compete with your reloaded Black Powder ammunition. I hope you obtain a copy and find it useful as you begin to use it. If you do, Thank you, a lot of work went into it's production.

What I hope to do here with this web site is provide the Black Powder Cartridge shooter with some products that will enhance the shooting experience. We all know there's a dozen or more sites to buy bullets, lubes, cases, molds and so on, but I hope to develop a product line that fills a niche.

Some of the new products I hope to offer are portable wind socks that indicate wind speed, a portable target system that is light weight, and stores easily in your suv or car. Targets of course, cross sticks and shooting box systems.

We also have an Old West section. The items you'll find here are Collectibles, Fringe coats, Boots, Spurs.

We are a honest middle class, hard working family not looking to get rich, just trying to move in a different direction and use our talents. If you spend your money here with me, and for whatever reason you don't feel satisfied, let me know, send it back, I'll refund your money. I want you guys talking on the forums about how great my products are, not how you got ripped off. If you have any suggestions or if I forgot something in the book, let me know . I appreciate your business.

Thanks, Al Whelan