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 A reloader's workbook for the black powder cartridge rifle

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We have all been there at the Black Powder cartridge rifle shoot and watched guys and gals hitting targets at 600 yards and farther with their rifles. You, however try your luck and miss every time.
It can be very frustrating this game of Black Powder Cartridge Rifle. Most if not all of those people connecting with those targets had to work up loads and try different things to achieve a bullet / load combination that gave them that kind of accuracy.
The single most important factor in obtaining this goal... is your notes!
 Oh, you may be able to develop a load and change a component or two and remember it all, but what if you are working on several different loadings at the same time? How can you keep it all straight?
Stop using a note pad with scribbles and misspelled words, and funky looking target images.

Created by a Black Powder Cartridge shooter for fellow shooters. This 7"x 10" workbook is designed to be a valuable aid in compiling the information needed to develop the cartridge powder/bullet component that will deliver the best performance.

Black Powder Cartridge Rifle, or Cowboy Action Shooting,

A workbook long overdue for the serious competitor, this book will be at your side while you reload, and also while you are at the shooting range testing the load, recording your results.

Enough for 50 load/ target sessions, each work page has a target to show the shot placement from your last shoot to your current session.

Plus all the components entries and conditions that played a role in those results.


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Finally a work book for the serious black powder cartridge rifle competitor....YOU!!!